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Just say NO to racial preference programs

The promise of "diversity" is that people of many different backgrounds, interests, nationalities, religions, and philosophies will work together in a university or place of employment. The usual strong implication, or occasional stated reason, is that because of their inherent differences, a diverse population possesses complementary skills and experience, and the resulting whole unit would be stronger.

Who could oppose such a Utopia?

The reality is a far cry from the above. The problem is that "diversity" does not really mean the above. Diversity is a code word, a euphemism for a racial preference system where chosen minority groups are given preferences because of their skin color. The gentle veneer of  the word 'diversity' shrouds an illegal, dishonest, and hypocritical racial agenda.

Real people get hurt by diversity. Qualified candidates get passed over, and unqualified persons get positions beyond their capabilities. Educations are denied. Excellent businesses never get funded, meaning jobs don't get created. Shaky businesses get government guaranteed loans, and they default. Careers and businesses get ruined. The taxpayers pick up the tab.

The concept of racial preferences goes against the US Constitution and very essence of our legal system which is based on the principle that rights adhere in individuals, not in groups. The 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law.

Similarly, the idea of "affirmative action" is associated with laudable beginnings. The concept of affirmative action was started by President Johnson in a 1965 executive order which requires federal contactors to "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin."

Again, the reality is a far different story.

Affirmative Action has been perverted to become the exact opposite of its original purpose, which was to prevent and remediate racial discrimination. Now, it is a vehicle for causing harm and causing discrimination. The issue of remediation for actual discrimination is long forgotten. It is now a vestigial organ of policy which provides for group rights, quotas, and a racial agenda. It is now an illegal way for certain favored groups to be given preferences for their skin color. Diversity has come to mean a racial preference system.

The concept of diversity is always ballyhooed as a general concept, rarely as a clearly articulated policy with detailed criteria. It is almost always a subjective policy that is left up to the administrators and officials to implement as they see fit. The bottom line is it gives people in power more arbitrary power to discriminate against anyone who is deemed "not diverse enough." Is this not racial discrimination? Next time you hear someone endorsing diversity, probe them for the exact definitions and criteria. It should not be undefined and left up to some administrator to arbitrarily implement.

Another reason diversity is abitrary and capricious is because the whole concept of race is so undefined. What is the clear cut definition of race and how one qualifies? Whose skin is dark enough? See below article entitled "DNA Evidence Shows Race Doesn't Really Exist."

Diversity is the invisible clothing adorning the King. No one ever defines it or says how one qualifies. Very odd. It seems to vest alot of arbitrary power in administrators and bureaucrats. It seems to redistribute wealth, a fancy way of saying it is a tool of communism. Maybe these objectives are the real purpose?

In the seminal book Animal Farm, George Orwell wrote: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." Orwell's dystopia has arrived.
  • Diversity is arbitrary
  • Diversity is anti-merit
  • Diversity is racism
  • Diversity is hypocrisy
  • Diversity is a lie
  • Diversity is WRONG!


Articles and News:
The 'Good' Guys:
  • CIR -Center for Individual Rights. This fantastic group is fighting racial preferences in the universities and in government agencies.
  • CEO - Center for Equal Opportunity. CEO is "the only think tank devoted exclusively to the promotion of colorblind equal opportunity and racial harmony.." and "is uniquely positioned to counter the divisive impact of race conscious public policies."
  • FIRE -Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.
  • NLPC -National Legal and Policy Center.
  • NRTW -National Right To Work Foundation. Argues that federal labor law should not promote coercive union power.
  • Students for Academic Freedom - Fighting indoctrination.
The 'Bad' Guys:
  • La Raza - A race based advocacy group.
  • U Michigan -See their elaborate defense.
  • Brown University -One of the most racist universities in the world. Treats certain favored racial groups like royalty. See Brown's scandalous amicus brief.
  • NAACP -Has evolved into exactly the opposite of what it was founded to be. Has become a bunch of hypocrites who push for racial discrimination, as long as it favors darker skinned people rather than lighter skinned people. An anachronism. Totally morally bankrupt.
  • AACU -Check out the consortium of associations, labor unions, minority groups, and other scummy special interests that all have their snouts in the trough and are fighting like hell together to perpetuate the racial preference gravy train. 
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The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said that people should be judged by the content of their character --not the color of their skin. Decades ago, these civil rights organizations fought to stop discrimination based on skin color. They also fought for integration. Signs at civil rights rallies begged for integration, and stated plainly "Integration Now." These days, it seems like they want their own walled universe, with special privileges.

Have they forgotten their own principles?

It appears they have. They have lost the moral high ground as diversity has become just another government and social entitlement.

We must fight discrimination by any name, even if our opponents sugar coat it or attempt to disguise it with flowery words such as "diversity" or "multi-culturalism" or "pluralism." Discrimination/ diversity/ affirmative action is a cancer that does real harm to real people by denying them jobs and educational opportunities.

Diversity signifies a corrupt process.

Although, no one is unsympathetic to the great suffering that minorities have endured over our nation's history. However, the solution to old wounds is not to simply create a new class of victims.

What is the solution to discrimination?
  1. Strict enforcement and harsh penalties for violations of non-discrimination laws.
  2. Throwing phony diversity in the trash and replacing it with EXCELLENCE and MERIT. True diversity is a natural consequence of excellence. The phony diversity that is promulgated by liberal special interests is not really diversity, it is pure politics, incredibly shallow racial preference programs. Instead, let's promote the diversity of ideas, this is the true diversity that is missing at many liberal college campuses and other institutions.
Our country, at its best, is a melting pot; it achieves greatness because of all of our differences, because we all come together as one. Let's not become a fractured and warring nation, all fighting for the spoils of phony diversity.

Let's do what we can to fight diversity, this insidious new form of racism. Let's get back to our true principles of blind justice, equal protection, and equal opportunity for all. Let's allow for the diversity of ideas that come naturally with freedom.

We welcome your ideas.


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